DRAVE collection

Born of a collaboration between Lambert & fils and Appareil Atelier, the Drave collection offers pared down lighting to emphasize function and materiality. The lights’ aluminium bodies draw from Quebec’s rich material landscape, while its tumbled finish highlights both brands’ appreciation for organic matter.

Appareil Atelier was born from the conviction that there are no real boundaries between architecture and design. In collaboration with the Appareil architecture team and their partners, the editorial line aims for extraordinary creations that will have an international audience.

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Appareil Atelier presents a new piece of its collection, the PILOTI shelves

Borrowing the same structural and aesthetic language as the benches and sofa in this collection, these shelves fit perfectly into any space with the simplicity of their shapes and the elegance of the solid cherry wood in which they are built.

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The ELSIE chair

Mandated by the Reford Gardens, Appareil Atelier has produced two models of solid wood chairs that showcase local craftsmanship and Québec resources. The time granted to research-creation allowed the team to move away from standard elements and to innovate.

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