The Drave Collection

Provoked by a shared appreciation of raw materials, the Drave collection was born of a collaboration between Lambert & Fils and Appareil Atelier.

Originally created for the cabins of Beside Habitat, this project let us push ourselves to create an object that responds to a specific environment, both functionally and aesthetically. Wanting our lamps to stand out for their materiality as much as their form, we created a cohesive language of weathered aluminum lights, providing ambient lighting for the time spent enjoying the indoor spaces.

“The collaboration was interesting because we all had so much confidence in one another. This helped us get more invested in the project and our final product,” says Samuel Lambert of Lambert & Fils. This confidence was fundamental in the design process, which saw the lights evolving through every iteration done by head designers Pascau Vandame-Martin and Justine Dumas.

The duality of the objects lies in their simplicity, making them the perfect fit for Beside Habitat while allowing them to flourish equally in different environments.Concerning themselves with the aesthetics of durability, the objects draw from Quebec’s rich material landscape, offering pared down lighting to emphasize their function and materiality. The lights’ aluminum bodies and tumbled finish highlights both brands’ appreciation for organic matter.

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Photographer: Arseni Khamzin