Our History

Founded by Architect Kim Pariseau in 2017, Appareil Atelier was born out of a desire for innovation. Our products define Nordic design with a bold, refined, and timeless signature, inspired by local expertise.

Our collections integrate the principles of sustainability by imbuing our goods with emotional value, leading to a more just and responsible consumption. We are inspired by those who share this common goal and who look to design things differently while celebrating the artistic culture of objects. This leads to regular collaborations with Quebec artisans, designers, brands, suppliers and other industry professionals with the aim of bringing thoughtful, handmade, and locally designed pieces to an international audience. 

Appareil Atelier benefits from the creative and qualitative reputation of its sister company, Appareil Architecture. Our team’s diverse skills and passion combined with those of our collaborators are at the heart of Appareil Atelier. We often transpose our architectural education into our objects, leading to unique designs that elevate already-beautiful spaces. We create pieces for those who wish to live a sustainable life without neglecting functionality and aesthetics.